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Who We Are

Hi there and welcome to out of order, we are very happy that you are here, we love having visitors. (the crow signaled your coming…Yes we are GOT fans)
(basically we just like to talk about ourselves. ; ) So here it goes….
Short Version…
OUT OF ORDER is a family run venture by Brother Sister Duo Kapil and Ketaki, a Psychologist and an Artist turned passionate entrepreneurs.

We manufacture premium t-shirts right here in Mumbai with great attention to details, right from sourcing soft smooth light weight  fabric to creating awesome designs, printing and packing, enthusiastically involved in every step along with our small team. Before we launch any new product, we try it ourselves along with a sample of buyers and only then do we produce some fine, great looking OUT OF ORDER Tees.

About 1

Our Story

So the plot includes a mother, child 1, and child
2.  Now the mom is a very industrious one…she wears a plethora of hats…singer by day, a painter by night and an entrepreneur all the way. As they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
 Growing up around her we dabbled in various shark tank schemes…catering service, selling garment and eventually exploring her artistic roots with 
#WarlibyLalita (checkout her sweet insta). Now… what is WarlibyLalita …? For over a decade we have been creating stylized Warli art on canvas and man!! have we enjoyed it, 3 of us putting our favorite music on and painting together. Completing orders, meeting deadlines has never been this fun. Gradually our art with popular demand found its way onto t-shirts.
Now the two apples inspired by their mom, present to you the fruits of our labor…(so many puns!!)  . Yes, that’s how OIT OF ORDER came into existence. Watching folks wear our customized apparel just makes us happy!! Yes, money might not buy you happiness but these t-shirts it surely will and the rest shall follow. Wink wink!!

The Why

As a tribe of 3 people we are nocturnal, passionate and live in the moment kind of people. While the whole world is on get up, go to work, come back home kind of rhythm, we are like okk… fine I will get up, lets cook something, just let me sleep a little more, by the time its night wonder about aliens till 3am kind of rhythm. Yes… this rhythm has landed us in trouble but we have managed to come out of it alive and kicking with some unorderly solutions.

How we think or function has never been by the rules (meet us for a drink the details…are interesting). This Out Of Order way of doing things has been very exciting, scary and extremely liberating for us.


Disclaimer… things are about to get bit mushy …

It was wonderful talking to you, I cant tell you enough how passionate and dedicated we are to bring you awesome t-shirts . Right from selecting the fabric to curating the designs every step is challenging but when you put that t-shirt on aaahh! its just heaven for us. So, thank you guys…  aate rehna!

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